The Tovuz & N, Merlotte and Baku-Jeyhun dry red wines are from the elite Madrasa, Bayan-Shire, Recachitel and Merlotte grapes. They contain only 12° alcohol.

  The Nizami, Leyli and Mejnun and Bayati-Shiraz semi-dry red wines contain only 14° alcohol and 6 percent sugar. These wines are from the Madrasa, Cabirne-Franc and Merlot grapes.

  The Tovuz & R, Gold Risling and Deli Kur desert wines are from the Bayanshir, Rkatiseli, Madrasa and Goldrisling grapes sorts. They contain 19° alcohol and 10 percent sugar.

  100% non-polluting high-quality pomegranate wine from an exotic fruit pomegranate, which growing only in territory of Azerbaijan