Cognac Extra X.O. Baku - Jeyhun: This is one of Azerbaijan's most reputed cognacs. Characteristics: The cognac is aged more than 30 years. The cognac received its name in honor of the greatest contract of the century, the Baku-Jeyhan oil-pipeline proposed by national leader of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev. Top quality, age and harmony. Cognac is gold, red with an amber transparency. Complicated tint: walnut, narcissus and jasmine, saturated wooden tones with light natural vanilla. Splendid and stable continuous taste charms with its fineness and delicious elegance.
  Cognac Extra X.O. Leyli & Mejnun: Cognac aged more than 25 years. Characteristics: Color of amber and golden light, well-developed, full flavor with walnut, and a pleasant and stable aftertaste.
  Cognac Extra X.O. Peter I: Produced for the 300-year anniversary of St. Petersburg in limited quantity. Characteristics: Each bottle has a gift case. The cognac is aged more than 30 years. Color is dark amber with a golden tint. Age, harmony and a splendid, yet complicated, flavor with spices and violets are uniquely at work. This cognac has an unforgettable flavor and stable continuous aftertaste. It is charming with a fineness and elegance. Its exclusive quality is achieved using old reserve cognac intended for high-ranking Kremlin officials during the USSR.
  The Tovuz X.O. cognac received its name in honor of the Tovuz region where the Ibrahimhajily village is located. Here, Tovuz-Baltiya Ltd. was established. The Tovuz cognac is prepared from cognac aged over 18 years from special sorts of European wine grown in the western regions (Gyanja, Tovuz) of Azerbaijan. Characteristics: Aroma is strong and courageous, sharp smell of oak and flowers. The taste is melodious on the palate. Its strength, refinement and delicate flavor are beautifully balanced. The color is golden amber. It has received two golden medals at international exhibitions.
  Cognac V.V.S.O.P. Azerbaijan: Color is dark amber with a tint of red wood. Characteristics: Cognac spirits aged longer than 10 years. Complicated bouquet with predominant violet and vanilla. Taste is rich and saturated with harmonic tones of almond, vanilla and fresh vine. Soft, velvety feel with rich and stable aromatic aftertaste.
  Cognac V.V.S.O.P. Shirvan: Dark amber color. Aged longer than 15 years. Charac-teristics: Well-aged, balanced combination of vanilla, apricot, quince and fine flower flavors. Soft, velvety feel with rich and stable aromatic aftertaste.
  Cognac V.V.S.O.P. Baku: Prepared from cognac spirits aged 8-10 years and sorted from special European wines grown in Azerbaijan. Characteristics: Light amber with glitter, well - developed, full and powerful with a light wooden aroma, har-monic taste with silk tones of vanilla and chocolate with a plea-sant stable aftertaste. Awarded four medals at international exhi-bitions, a silver and bronze.
  Cognac V.S.O.P. Gyandja: Cognac pre-pared from cognac spirits aged longer than 7 years. Charac-teristics: Beautiful amber color with golden glitter. The flavor is saturated, harmonious with tones of vanilla, ripe berries, tobacco and honey. The taste is full, slightly strong, oily and harmonious, with a very pleasant stable aftertaste.
  Cognac V.S.O.P. Bouquet of Azer-baijan: Aged longer than 6-7 years Cha-racteristics: Color of amber with a compli-cated fruit flavor with dry grapes and flowers, vanilla, light spices and old oak. Diverse, full aroma with velvet.
  Cognac V.S.O.P. Geygyel: Selected vin-tage cognac. Charac-teristics: Prepared from cognac spirits of age of 6-8 years, sorted out from special local sorts of wine. Cognac is valued for its harmonic taste, velvet and popular bouquet. It was awarded with three gold and one silver medal.
  Cognac V.S. Apshe-ron: Aged longer than 5 years Characte-ristics: Color is of a golden shade with a balanced flavor, full aroma, vanilla and fruits. A mix of oak, amber and warm, soft velvet. Diverse, full aroma with velvet.
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