"The purpose of the present law is a creation organizational, economic and legal base for delivery to the consumer market competitive grape and winemaking production, responsible to all requirements of the international standards, with maintenance of development for grape cultivation and winemaking in republic".

  Heydar Aliev   -   President of Azerbaijan Republic
  Baku city, January, 29, 2002, the law # 667

  Tovuz-Baltia LTD, a subsidiary of the Naig K° corporation, was founded in December 1989 and focuses primarily on the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine. In spite of the efficiency of a decree issued by M.S. Gorbachov to combat alcoholism, the collapse of the Soviet Union allowed "Tovuz" to become the first private production plant for the manufacturing of wine and cognacs. Under the mutual collaboration with long standing associates from Latvia and Lithuania, Tovuz began to supply its merchandise and decided to rename the firm. In March 1993, the company was registered officially under its new title-Tovuz- Baltia LTD.
  One of the highest parameters in activity of the company is that itís possesses very favorable infrastructure for delivery of made production to the world market. The company is located in the western region, has a favorable site and is contained distance of 2,7 km from the Great silk way which connecting Europe with Asia. Most part of it passes through Azerbaijan.

  And also on distance of 2,4 km from the biggest trunk-railway, that considerably facilitates an output on external the market. Besides it the company has the warehouse adequate to all necessary standards which are on suburb of tracks, that also considerably facilitates sending the goods on internal and a foreign market. The company is on geographical distance of 395 km from Black sea and 465 km from Caspian sea, that also is the important factor for an output on a foreign market, using thus the cheapest and favorable transport way - sea. The company is on distance of 45 km from the airport in the city of Gandja, which has flight to Moscow.

††  The company possesses high-quality, long-standing cognac (25-50 years). Tovuz-Baltia LTD supplied a great amount of seeds and other important agriculture materials to the Khanlar Agro Industrial Complex. After the dissolve of the Soviet Union, the Khanlar Agro Industrial Complex could not pay its debt for the products it purchased and offered to calculate the stock of elite cognac material in its storehouse. Khanlar industrial complex specialized in the production on elite cognac for the central apparatus of the USSR for many years. Cognac materials were kept in special barrels made of 100-year old oak from the Limusin forest. At the present time, this stock of cognac material is kept in company storehouses in specially controlled tempera-ture rooms, following European standards (Gold Reserve).
  After decree number 667 of President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev dated on January 2, 2002 regarding the development of grape-cultivation and wine-making in Azerbaijan, Tovuz-Baltia LTD began bottling cognac goods using French technology. Bottles, corks and all necessary materials were bought from Saver Glass, Domec, Saint Gobain, Diakom, Vetro and Delage.
  At the moment, Tovuz-Baltia LTD has a brandy alcohol production capacity of more than 1000d/L per day and 65 ha of grape plantation (where such special sorts are grown for production of cognac alcohol and wine material, such as Recachitel, Gold-Riesling, Bayan-Shire, Uni-Blan, Shardonne and Cabirne-Savinion, but 265 ha of plantations under technical sorts of grape, in the rent of farmers.)
  Only highly-qualified specialists with experience and a Moscow education work in the plant. Thanks to experienced cadres and accumulated knowledge, the company produces high-quality wine from special varieties of grapes, as well as creating superior cognac alcohol. Cognac alcohol production is kept in 200-500 liter oak barrels, made of 100-year oak trees from Bulgaria, Italy and France. The flood of production is caused the purchase in apparatuses from French, German and Italian firms: Zeis, Gai and Costral, respectivley.
  The main priority of our company is that the technology of creating spring water is used, which is received from mountainous river Dzegam. Mountain streams in 475 canyons of Shahdagh fall into Dzegam. This water has more significance for creating quality cognac. At the same time, climate conditions are an important factor as well. Azerbaijan is considered to be the world's grape-growing center. The quantity of active sun energy in Azerbaijan is two times more than in France. This is the main factor behind Azerbaijan's high quality grape harvest.
  Honored Scientific Researcher of RSFSR and Professor A.M.Negrul demonstrated his comparative table, proving the advantage Azerbaijan has in comparison with other wine- producing countries.

Table of A.M. Negrul, showing position of active temperature in Ganja-Tovuz region of Azerbaijan and in the territories of the world countries, growing grape and dealing with wine - production

Regions and countries Average temperature of air (°C) Quantity of active tempe- rature (more than 10°C)
April May June July August September October
Ganja-Tovuz (Azerbaijan) 15,4 21,6 26,2 29,4 29,4 24 18 2905
Bordo (France) 11,4 15,1 17,9 20 21 17,9 13 1399
Algire 16,9 20,3 24,4 28,2 28,1 24,7 19,7 2889
Fresno (California) 15,7 19,5 24,3 27,8 27,1 23 17,8 2600
Neapol (Italy) 14,8 18,1 21,5 23,6 23,8 22,8 18,9 2228
Georgia 14,3 20,2 24,5 26,2 26,1 20,3 16,1 2600
Armenia 12,7 17,3 22 23,7 23,6 19,7 14,2 2360

  The table above shows that, thanks to active temperatures, the highest quality brandy material is produced locally. Acid, pectin, mineral substances (calium, calcium, phosphorous, iron) and vitamins (carotene, thiamine, aneurine, axorbin, riboflavin, adermin, citrine and nicotine) are all ingredients of natural brandy. These combinations are dissolved quickly and easily in humans, giving one the opportunity to acquire oxygen the muscular system, especially the heart. This helps avert bacterial and infectious diseases. In addition, it strengthens organs in the circulatory system, renders poisonous substances harmless that have accumulated in the liver and intestines, assists in decreasing urinary acid in the blood and prevents the accumulation of harmful salts in the body. Natural brandy helps fight heart diseases, stomach, kidney, anaemia, breach of exchange of substances, weakness, impotence, beginning stages of tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, pleurisy and breaches of nerve system. Professor Gerpikin suggests that it contains powerful contents only found in a mother's milk. This kind of treatment in Azerbaijan is one called "ampelotherapy".
  "Ampelotherapy"- it is your health, cheerfulness and longevity.
  At the present time the company produces various cognac products following European standards: V.S. (Absheron), V.S.O.P. (Bouquet of Azerbaijan, Goy-gol, Ganja) , V.V.S.O.P. (Azerbaijan, Baku, Shirvan), X.O. (Tovuz), Extra X.O. (Baku-Jeyhan, Leyli and Mejnun, Peter I, Gold Tovuz, Old Tovuz).

"It is indeed an honorable job, gathering sun beams in crystal glasses, to improve the health and joy of the people"
N.A. Mammadhasanov

  General Director Mammadhasanov Naig Ali was born in the village of Ibrahimhajili located in the Tovuz region in 1958. Raised by a family of grape farmers, he graduated from the Agricultural Academy Specializing in Agronomy.